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Caterina “Cat” Valentine Ariana Grande is the secondary tritagonist. She is fun and energetic and sometimes oblivious. In a video on TheSlap she reveals that her full name is Caterina but only her grandmother calls her by her full name. She is sweet, naive, bubbly and happy, often unsuspecting of what is really going on around her. She has a playful nature, and has a very short attention span so she can easily be distracted with colorful items by the others when they want her out of the way. She can be somewhat of a drama queen , and doesn’t take criticism very well. She often screams “What’s that supposed to mean!? Cat is also an extremely talented singer and actor, as seen in ” Freak The Freak Out ” where she sings a duet with Jade, and in the crossover episode ” iParty with Victorious ” where she shows a high vocal range. A running gag of the series is Cat often telling her friends or strangers about her brother, who seems to have many unnatural problems, all of which Cat doesn’t seem to find strange or abnormal. She has bright red hair, that she dyed to resemble her favorite snack, a red velvet cupcake.

Victorious Seasons 5-8

Every other month, Steven goes off to Los Angeles, where he is dating another girl named Tori Vega Victoria Justice Victorious , who attends Hollywood Arts, a high school for the performing arts. Robbie Shapiro Matt Bennett , a socially awkward friend of Tori’s, posts a picture of Steven and Tori online, which Carly stumbles upon. She initially denies the fact that Steven is cheating on her, but Sam Jennette McCurdy seeks to prove it is indeed true.

She finds Rex, Robbie’s ventriloquist dummy, has tweeted about a party held at Kenan Thompson ‘s house, in Hollywood. The iCarly members enter Kenan’s party house during the party and split up in search of Steven.

Victorious (stylized as VICTORiOUS) is an American television sitcom created by Dan Schneider for Nickelodeon. The series revolves around aspiring singer Tori Vega, portrayed by Victoria Justice, who attends a performing arts high school called Hollywood Arts, while getting into screwball.

Yeah, the puppet, who goes around flirting with women. Cat tells Robbie she can’t go to Prom with him because she has a date, who happens to be from another school. Robbie doesn’t believe her, but it turns out he does indeed exist. Tori was telling the truth. In-Universe with Andre and Beck cast as identical twins. It’s a show about a performing arts school so even extras will show off, but Leon and Victoria seem to do the most on-screen performing of the main cast.

Best Victorious Episodes

The pair’s dynamic is jealousy and possession. Beck loves to playfully make Jade jealous whenever he can. When Jade says they aren’t about to break up, Beck sometimes replies with a questioning “Well She argues with him that he loves making her jealous and pushing her buttons. He also once posted on TheSlap that he got in a water fight with a bunch of girls in bikinis, and when Jade freaked out, he said “HA. Beck enjoys making Jade jealous and teasing her, which may just be because he wants to know that she still cares for him, since Jade is not a very romantic person.

Because i’m not dating anyone, and I always thought Beck and I would make the perfect- (Jade throws a pillow at her, and she stands shocked) Jade: Next time it’s a hammer! C’mon, Beck.

How can you tell if jade is real? Rub against a piece of cloth and then smell it. If it isn’t real it smells like plastic. You can do the same thing with turquoise. Perform a scratch test. Jadeite is very hard; it will scratch glass or even metal. Nephrite, however, can be much softer, so performing a scratch test improperly m…ay damage a genuine piece.

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Is beck and jade really dating in real life

HarleyAug 30, Avan and Zoey broke up some months ago, and now she’s with another guy and he’s rumoured dating Elizabeth Gillies. Alyssa DislaAug 5, I don’t how beck could go out with jade west she’s wierd mean,jealous,selfish and a freak she has 2 piercings one in her left eyebrow and 1 in her nose and a tattoo of of a star. Jade say that she hates everything. She loves coffee,black nail polish and black clothing black everything she’s a one big freak.

Dating Girls Dating Women Victorious Cast Elizabeth Gillies Lorde Girl Stuff Character Inspiration Crushes. Liz Gillies. John Grant. Jade West Victorious, Victorious Cast, Beck Oliver, Avan Jogia, Elizabeth Gillies, Jade And Beck, Ash, Grey. Raenesha Clifton. Beck Oliver x Jade West.

It is a show clash of iCarly and Victorious. Steven has divorced parents, so sometimes he is in Seattle, and sometimes he is in Hollywood. Kenan said Andre could have a small party which Andre thinks he means people. Kenan though thinks that a big Party is at least people. Since Tori and Steven attended the party, Carly and Sam decide to attend. Meanwhile, Cat Valentine Ariana Grande has a throat problem. She sees a doctor and is told she cannot talk for about a week. She is given a text talker.

She writes down something, and the microphone says it in a very manly voice. At the party, Carly finds out that Sam was right, and that Steven was cheating on Tori and herself. Meanwhile, Sikowitz Eric Lange , tries to scare his student Beck Oliver Avan Jogia , but then constantly succeeds in scaring all of his other students. Because Carly, Sam, Freddie, and Gibby are famous, they go to Spencer’s ex-girlfriend to get a make-over to make them look ugly.


I didn’t pass my driver’s test. Because I didn’t see the old lady in the wheelchair. I signaled before I hit her!

Are tori and beck dating on victorious. Bori | Victorious Wiki | Fandom powered by Wikia Will tori and beck dating on victorious develops a crush on jade after they work together on a song and hearing her sing, and tori tries to help him get over it. “the breakfast bunch,” it is revealed that tori can do archery with her feet. trina set up another deal by putting up a fighting challenge for.

Beck tried for this, but Jade wasn’t in the mood. Probably for the best, seeing how there was a guy with a camera in the backseat. Sky Store specializes in these types of products such as a fake snow machine that shoots snow that’s toxic when ingested, a face for a tree, and floating underwear Awesome Mc Coolname: The lead actress’s real name, Victoria Justice, is probably the coolest sounding of all of them. Bad News in a Good Way: Robbie and Cat get the idea to help their schoolmates pass on bad news in song in the episode, “Tori and Jade’s Playdate.

It’s surprising that it hasn’t been used more often. Probably because they’re traumatized from getting trapped in it. Tori shows a significant amount of midriff in multiple episodes, which is quite rare for a protagonist, especially in a show centered for younger viewers. Cat and Jade make Tori look hideous in “Freak the Freak Out” as they knew Haley and Tara would pick the least attractive person to sing. Tori then shows that she is not only a good singer but also not even unattractive.

Cat and Beck are Dating! and Some News!

Robbie’s POV “You’re gonna blow it,” Rex told me, followed by a mean laugh that sent chills down my spine. But, I knew he was right. I was able to pass my audition to get into this pretigious school, but I had to face it. I was a nerdy boy with giant glasses and a Jewish afro. I wrote silly songs about broken glass and I’m a ventriloquist -and my puppet is my alter ego.

6 Jade Dumps Beck. I just really liked this episode, because it’s kind a cute and I think a lot of girls like me liked it too. And yes, I maybe loved it because I like Jade and Beck a lot. So that’s my thoughts. Jade and Beck were really sweet in this episode. The whole cast put in amazing performances, and Trina’s performance was hilarious.

Star Victoria Justice took to Twitter and Tumblr for her own version of how the ending should be. I was cast as a series regular on the second season. I remember Dan Schneider approaching me and my Mom about giving me the starring role of my own show. I remember discussing the premise of what the show would be, like it was yesterday. He was so excited, because he thought it was perfect.

We all laughed and we then started our very first table read.

Is Jade And Beck Dating In Real Life From Victorious?

Edit Carly Shay is dating a boy named Steven who divides his time between his divorced parents who live in Seattle and Los Angeles. Meanwhile, Tori is also spending time with her new boyfriend who, unbeknownst to her, is the very same boy Carly is seeing. Back in Seattle, Sam suspects that Steven is cheating on Carly after seeing a photo of him and Tori together and plans a trip to Los Angeles to catch him in the act. After Carly catches Steven, she convinces Tori that Steven is cheating on both of them.

Carly and Tori come together to plot their revenge at the party. Amidst all the scheming, Rex challenges Sam to a rap battle.

In what hour long special did these morons named Hailee and Tara ruin Jade, Beck, Andrè and Cat’s evening.

I Didn’t Mean To, But by freaklikepenny reviews “Jade, I will not keep having this same fight with you over and over again. Can’t you see what it’s doing to us? Why don’t you trust me? I wasn’t so sure. Contains love, drama and plenty more exciting stories. Five Little Things by professor lazyass reviews Sometimes, certain people stumble into your life and subconsciously find out every little thing about you.

And when you are Jade West, and that certain person is Tori Vega, things get complicated, and both of your lives change forever. When Beck and Tori meet again four years later, she has a small surprise for him, a four year old that looks a lot like Beck kind of surprise. Rated T for a few “bad words”: D Victorious – Rated: T – English – Romance – Chapters: BeckxCat Victorious – Rated: Beck wants to help in more ways then one.

Is this how it’s meant to be?

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Share Friends and family, and Richard, said it was unlikely that he would grant her wish. But after the songwriter guessed that the fan on the phone was Sophie, he confessed that after seeing her tweets he had planned to attend her special day all the time. Sophie had previously said that her fiance thought she was ‘bonkers’ and had ‘no chance’ of getting the rapper to their wedding – so decided to prove him wrong.

Sophie McEvoy, 27, with fiance Richard, from Birmingham, has tweet Craig David every day since last July in a bid to get him to play at her wedding on 27 October In footage shared on the radio station’s Facebook page, David can be seen speaking to presenters Stav Davidson, Abby Coleman, Matt Acton and Osher Gunsberg when they inform him there’s a fan on the phone.

Oh wicked, put me through. She got in to his music as a teenager and her favourite track is ‘Seven Days’.

iParty With Victorious is the 11thth episode of Season Four, and 81strd overall. Sikowitz, Beck, Jade, and Spencer spend the time in Kenan Thompson’s jacuzzi. At the end, the main cast of both shows sings a mash-up of their theme songs iCarly Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community.

Moore Holly Hunter Features The show will be take place not only in Hollywood, but there will be some episodes that take place in the rest of Los Angeles, so they can expand the environment and make it more fun for the audiences. Sikowitz will play a better role in seasons Jade breaks up with Beck in season 6 for the third time in all of the seasons during the show. Lexis Olsen will be the new member of Tori’s gang of friends; she is very fun, outgoing, and random like Cat, possessing certain skills like her too like singing beautifully and acting beautifully.

She is a part of Mr. All the characters will look different since the show was cancelled in and started in Cat dyed her hair brown again being the natural color, Robbie looks more masculine, Beck has a mustache, Jade still looks the same, Trina still looks the same, Rex Robbie’s alter ego still looks the same, and Andre has a hipster haircut. Season 8 is very emotional since it is the last season and all of the gang members farewell each other before going into college Sinjin is the most important character in the recurring cast section.

The long episodes that are “special” between 45 minutes to 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Beck & Jade