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Watch Thats So Raven – Season 4 online at IOMovies. A teenager Raven Baxter is a girl who can see the future. She and her friends Eddie Thomas and Chelsea Daniels always have wacky mishaps trying to follow the visions. Her family life is also wacky with her parents Tonya and Victor and her younger brother named Cory. Raven’s got a lot on her hands!.

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That’s So Raven (2003–2007)

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Watch Thats So Raven – Season 4 online at CafeMovie. Thats So Raven – Season 4 free streaming. Raven Baxter is a teenager. She can see glimpses of the future. A lot of time her visions cause problems, because she doesnt see everything that will happen, only about 5 seconds of the future. She her friends, brother, and parents always get into trouble because of her visions.

Contents Background Personality Raven is strong, confident and loud. She loves to have fun but struggles with the burden of keeping her psychic abilities secret whilst at the same time trying to fit in with everybody else. She can be bossy and brutally honest when it comes to fashion, but has a heart of gold and has been shown to use her knowledge of future disasters to save the day.

Unfortunately, Raven’s visions also have the uncanny ability to get both her and her family into bad situations. When this occurs; Raven often uses her acting skills and her talent for designing costumes to disguise herself as someone else, even though it is somewhat obvious to tell it’s really her. Physical appearance Raven is a fun, fresh and fashion savvy teenager with a love for outfits.

Thats So Raven – Season 4 Episode 08: Hook Up My Space

Aug 09, Precious rated it liked it See full review here. This is really 3. She did not want to add to that. At age 15, she See full review here.

Nov 28,  · ok, so im redoing my room and i really need a picture or something of ravens design model or her room when its finished on the episode of them redecorating her room on the tv show. remember with the hook up my space thing? also what is the episode called? plez help!!! 10 pts to Status: Resolved.

You need to be logged in to continue. Click here to login or here to sign up. But when Raven had a vision that Nicky gonna get choked by eating the cookie, she saves her from it. She asks Raven how does she know this will occurs, but when she said she is a psychic, Nicky had confessed that she’s playing the psychic character in a new movie and asks that if Raven would mind to be one Nicky’s pointers. Raven would be happy to help, if means joining Nicky’s circle.

She tell lies about visions and but she had a vision that this will cause Nicky to be fired on the set. Nicky said that if her performance had met with positive reviews, she’ll allows Raven to come along to Malibu, but Raven was worried about her vision and she started planning how to save Nicky from be fired. She tells her on the set but it turns out that Raven is gonna get fired. She tries to Nicky but she dosen’t care and she said that Raven can’t come along to Malibu, leaving Raven heartbroken.

Then Raven had the third vision that Nicky’s performance will be meeting negative reviews and the news anchor announces that her beach house in Malibu will be taken away. Since Raven thinks Nicky deserves it, she didn’t tell her.

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Raven Baxter

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It was introduced during the second season of That’s So Raven. In the beginning of the second season, it finally opened as “The Chill Grill”. The restaurant is also a popular hangout for the kids that go to Raven Baxter ‘s school. It was revealed in the episode The Four Aces that the Chill Grill was formerly a swinging ‘s restaurant by day, and nightclub in the evening called The Four Aces. The Chill Grill almost went out of business when, in the episode The Grill Next Door, the restaurant faced stiff competition from a knock-off restaurant called “The Hill Grill”, which was owned by Victor’s college cooking rival Leonard Stevenson.

Raven’s catchphrase “Oh snap! In season 4 the catchprase is said in the opening sequence when Raven is hit by the title “That’s So Raven” before she says “Yup, that’s me. In the season 3 episode ” Five Finger Discount “, while Raven’s mom is studying for her law exam, she mentions that she is studying the case Brookwell vs. This is the first, and so far only, show to have two spin-offs.

It was the one chosen out of the many pitched and proposed spin-offs that were to have aired after the completion of That’s So Raven, including one about Raven going off to college and another centering around Donna Cabonna’s ventures hiring a new intern at her office. The show takes place while Raven is attending fashion college and Cory’s mom is still in London.

Raven has guest-starred on the show. The series is similar to its sister show, That’s So Raven. Note that in “That’s so Raven”, the main character also have two best friends, one a boy and one a girl.

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Your computer must be compatible with megaupload. Some do not display the actual clip, but rather, the episode where that clip comes from. Cory at the arcade in “Country Cousins” may be displayed in a clip of Raven milking the cows. You’ll have to find out! Good luck and have fun! Do you think Raven’s better indoors or outdoors? Watch the winning pick here!

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