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These could of been made by a sub-contracter or later Biolytix themselves. One system I rebuilt had an excess of peat 2 wheelbarrows. This unit has a lower sump than the later models most had the sump inspection point with overflow. They were fitted the old alarm and the small air switch with a air accumulator a small white cannister in air system. But we have others that were rebuilt twice. The Everhard tanks used by Biolytix were changed because the was discontinued due to a change in the Australian Standards at that time. Biolytix Technologies became Biolytix Water. All the above tanks could flood effluent through the electrical box, particularly where a high head pressure could force the liquid through the top of the lid.

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The victim’s brother-in law owed drug dealer Yonky Tan several hundred thousand dollars. The accused was contracted by Tan to splash acid on the victim’s face to scare the brother-in-law out of hiding, but the accused refused. Instead, he recruited 2 other hitmen. Aged 36 at time of offending – on parole at the time – guilty plea at earliest opportunity – father of 5 – native of Philippines – permanent residency in Australia – tertiary qualifications not recognized in Australia – substance abuse – prior convictions – previous imprisonment.

Sentenced to a total of 18y with a NPP of 13 y.

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Abstract Titanite sphene has great potential as a petrogenetic indicator and mineral geochronometer, as it can host high concentrations of a range of trace elements and it occurs in diverse rock types. In this paper we describe a natural titanite standard material that may be used to calibrate chemical and isotopic analysis of titanite of varying age and origin. Through comprehensive bulk analysis of mm-size crystal fragments and in situ microanalysis, we show that the titanite, named MKED1, is largely free of inclusions and is homogenous at the level of analytical precision for major element, U—Pb isotope and Sm—Nd isotope composition.

There is some minor zoning in trace element composition, but these zones are easily recognised using backscattered electron imaging and the trace element concentrations of each of these zones are also very homogenous. Cross calibration with other titanite standards demonstrates that MKED1 can be used as a primary standard for determining U—Pb ages of titanite ranging in age from Precambrian to Neogene.

MKED1 may also be used as a standard for in situ trace element microanalysis on the provision that locations for analytical sampling are selected with consideration to grain-scale elemental zoning. To demonstrate the potential value of titanite analysis for resolving geological problems we present case studies from two very different geological settings; the first examines the timing and origin of Cu—Au-REE skarn mineralisation from the Mount Isa Inlier, Australia, and the second study investigates the timing and origin of rift related volcanism and sedimentation in the western branch of the East African Rift System.

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Share Your Story The worry for patients and health care professionals is that any chest pain may originate from the heart. Angina is the term given to pain that occurs because the coronary arteries blood vessels to the heart muscle narrow and decrease the amount of oxygen that can be delivered to the heart itself. This can cause the classic symptoms of chest pressure or tightness with radiation to the arm or jaw associated with shortness of breath and sweating.

Unfortunately, many people don’t present with classic symptoms, and the pain may be difficult to describe — or in some people may not even be present.

For more information and link to radiology services provided by Queensland X-Ray at Greenslopes Private Hospital, please visit: Greenslopes Private Hospital Newdegate Street Greenslopes Qld General Enquiries 07 Home. About Us Our Hospital World Leaders in Healthcare Ramsay Health Care.

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Early Pregnancy Ultrasound is used to confirm dates of conception and assess the early health of your pregnancy. This scan is usually carried out at around 8 weeks of your pregnancy. All early scans will include a scan across the pelvis with a full bladder transabdominal scan.

Home / Services / X-ray X-rays are the most common and most widely available examinations we offer and they can be used to image almost any part of the body. Here at Sunshine Coast Radiology we use the most up-to-date radiography equipment for general x-rays.

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Here, Gordon Hull, 33, a strategy adviser who lives with his wife in East London tells us about having a hiatus hernia operation, and his surgeon explains the procedure. Last summer, I started getting quite bad chest pains, like a cramp in my left upper chest. I’d never experienced anything like it. I went to see my GP and at first he suspected heart problems. I had an ECG electrocardiograph – used to diagnose abnormal heart rhythms in the surgery and then he sent me to the local hospital for a battery of heart tests.

At Queensland X-Ray we provide all the necessary scans during your pregnancy. The Nuchal Translucency Scan is only offered at certain accredited sites, as it is a .

Using digital camera in macro mode: Next, find a suitably broken corner or edge to photograph. From this you can determine whether or not the material is asbestos cement or not. By contrast, the cellulose fibres used in Hardifence tend to be bonded more uniformly and fibre lengths tend to be shorter and not as strong. As a result, broken edges of Hardifence almost resemble the appearance of torn cardboard with a soft fuzzy edging.

Do not break any suspect asbestos cement sheeting when taking a close up photo as this will release deadly asbestos fibres which may be breathed in. Better to find an existing broken corner or edge to photograph.

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Week 12 Your Pregnancy – Week Weight 20grams During 12 weeks pregnancy your baby will have a CRL crown-rump length of mm. Your baby will be quite active during this stage even though you may not feel the movement due to the small size The abdominal organs start to function and the muscular and nervous system function is improved this week. It is thought the baby still moves involuntarily at this stage.

The baby is now swallowing amniotic fluid, which is processed by the fetal kidneys and bladder and excreted as urine by the baby.

Reproductive Health Matters. 15(30): ; – [Taylor & Francis Online] [Google Scholar] Unnecessary scans appeared to be related to income generation, especially for salaries of private providers and clinics. 40 X Liu, T Martineau, L Chen.

Specialist Women’s Imaging Centre provide Obstetric scans for each stage throughout the pregnancy, from Dating scan, Nuchal Translucency, Morphology, Growth and well being scans, tertiary scans and foetal echocardiography. Dr O’Connor’s passion is for the health and well being of the women of the Sunshine Coast. Why do I need to have an Obstetric Ultrasound We all hope our pregnancy will be normal and result in a healthy happy baby, unfortunately this is not always the case and a small percentage of problems can occur.

Many of these are minor and should not affect normal growth and development, but some will be more serious. In these cases, early detection can help your doctor determine a proper course of action to correct or properly monitor the issue. Dating Scan weeks A dating scan can be used to confirm your due date, if you are unsure of your last menstrual period or you date of conception.

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What are the limitations of Obstetrical Ultrasound Imaging? What is Obstetrical Ultrasound Imaging? Ultrasound is safe and painless, and produces pictures of the inside of the body using sound waves. Ultrasound imaging, also called ultrasound scanning or sonography , involves the use of a small transducer probe and ultrasound gel placed directly on the skin. High-frequency sound waves are transmitted from the probe through the gel into the body.

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