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I had to give it the chop!! Reversal of this procedure is not really practical ;- but if the need arose you can always get a replacement cradle Larger version of photos here July – I had my new Zumo but I really wasn’t happy with the cradle’s mass of cables and wires – some time researching on the Interweb provided the DIY solution. Carefully strip back the black outer insulation taking care not to damage the cores in the cable. Only the 2 red and black cores screened with foil are required. These must not be confused with those from the braiding.

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I mounted my Zumo on the left handlebar using a RAM ball mount, though not in the mirror mount since it placed the Zumo too far to the left and thus blocked the left-hand mirror. For security I continue to use the Touratech Zumo locking holder. I prefer to have the Zumo closer than on the dash so that it’s easier to operate and view while riding.

Global positioning system or simply known as GPS is a network of satellites that orbit the earth at certain points around its axis. The satellites send down signals to those who have a GPS receiver on hand, which then calculates both the time and geographical information of the device.

Meaning that it latches on to the chin bar of full-face helmets riders already own. Meaning you don’t have to replace your Batman head gear with a whole new apparatus to be able to keep your eyes on the road and your GPS, your telemetry data, your music playlist, the weather, and notifications that your mom is texting. Don’t you know I’m not supposed to text and ride, Mama?

But in answer to your question, I would like hamburger stew for dinner. From inside the corresponding helmet, all a rider will see is this transparent surface, and the information it displays in the lower right corner of the helmet’s field of view. Additionally, as motorcycle riders are aware, glancing down and back up to view bike instruments requires the eyes to refocus from objects at a distance to those directly in front of them.

HUD eliminates the need for this optical adjustment because the focal length of its images is set at the usual distance of a rider’s eyes while on the road. CLOUD riders select the information they want displayed, and control it with a Bluetooth-connected remote that mounts on bike tanks, handlebars, or fork clamps, and was designed specifically for use with gloves. HUD can also take photos, record video, and keep racing times and stats at the track.

Its mounting plate attaches directly to helmets without causing damage, and the HUD itself locks into the plate. NUVIZ is also working on kit designs for adventure and motocross helmets. More Products You Might Like.

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I want to hook up a Garmin Zumo to my Ninja R ex a. The GPS comes with a hardwire to connect to a moto aux. This is my 1st bike so I apologize if this is a really obvious question. I looked in the user manual to no avail From some other posts I have read it is desirable to plug into an aux which is disabled when the ignition is turned off. Some folks mention having to install a relay for that to work out.

Watch video · Cardo Systems introduced two new models for its natural language voice-command motorcycle communications system, which uses a proprietary dynamic mesh technology to connect up to 15 riders in a.

I am sick of going through batteries in my GPS and need to carry less batteries for my video camera. Here is how I did it, from beginning to end. I like it because it has a rubber cover for when I am not using it. It also comes with a cigarette lighter, the kind you push in and it heats up. Three days later it showed up at my work. It is a pretty easy installation, my ZR-7S has accessory leads coming from the junction box while my V-Star does not.

I will explain how to hook up the outlet on both systems. Since the ZR-7S has accessory leads coming from the junction box, there was no need to access the battery terminals. All you have to do is remove the seat and find the two leads coming from the junction box not hooked to anything. One will be white and blue, that is the positive lead. The shorter black and yellow lead is the negative lead. Since my electrical connectors do not fit the stock Kawasaki ones, I snipped them off and replaced them with my own by crimping the quick-disconnect terminals to the wires.

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Home This document describes how to wire a relay into a motorcycle’s 12 volt electrical system in order to power add-on accessories such as radar detectors, GPS’es, satellite radio, heated clothing, aux lights, etc. There’s also some photos of an install on the author’s R GS. Why use a relay? There are several reasons you should use a relay instead of just wiring your accessories directly to the battery.

The most important reason is so that your accessories won’t be ON all the time. Sure, you can put a switch in the circuit, but what’s to keep a little kid motorcycles attract kids, you know from flipping the switch on your parked bike?

The SPOT Personal Tracker raised the safety factor for millions who took to the outdoors each year. SPOT notifies friends, family or an international rescue coordination center with your GPS location and status based on situation and need – all with the push of a button.

Scout is proud of its many capabilities, and we believe rightly so. Scout Goes Anywhere You Go! Scout is a small, lightweight, and portable GPS tracker that packs incredible power into a very small footprint. Scout is tiny and can be attached to clothing, backpacks, or almost anything else! Receive immediate notifications if your scout leaves a zone and watch your Scout moving in real-time on the map. Water-Resistant and Durable Scout is designed to withstand the water and mud most motorcycles and ATVs see in a typical outing and can handle all the bangs and bumps you can throw at it.

Top 5 Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets and which ones ACTUALLY work.

I was planning on getting the Zumo and the associated Victory mounting harness, but when I heard about the LM, I was intrigued. I was taking a chance twofold. First, unproven technology which is likely to have some bugs.

Protect your bow- or stern-mount trolling motor from bouncing while running in rough water or trailering your boat. The RAM Arm mounts at any angle and holds the motor shaft secure, preventing the motor head from hitting the deck and causing damage.

Feb 06, View Comments by Florian Neuhauser Last summer I needed a motorcycle trailer that is small enough for my Camry to pull, holds one motorcycle, and can be stored in a garage with enough room left for a car and motorcycle. The Stinger trailer is a bare bones, foldable structure that holds anything from a dirt bike to a heavy touring motorcycle. The powder-coated trailer only weighs pounds and measures The Stinger mounts to your hitch without the ball. I had to remove the ball from my hitch assembly first, and then inserted the trailer into the vacant hole.

One brass washer rests between trailer and hitch, and one brass and one steel washer goes between the bottom of the trailer hookup and a nut. The trailer only has two wheels, so this type of design provides the extra stability needed for operation. It only takes one person to unfold the trailer. I recommend placing the folded-up Stinger well behind the car you want to attach it to.

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Track Progress must be reengaged to continue beyond a 24 hour tracking session. You can make your Shared Page private or public. Just share that URL with your friends and family and they can easily track your adventures. SPOT has a separate power button to ensure long battery life and to help avoid sending messages accidentally.

You must then wait an additional 2 seconds before activating any SPOT function. When power is on, the indicator light will blink once every 3 seconds.

Jun 17,  · With a couple of somewhat complex Iron Butt runs coming up next month, I decided it was time to finally get off my wallet and pick up a motorcycle specific GPS.

For insurance I also attached a bungie cord from the GPS and my handlebar. Through temperatures ranging from 65F in the east to F in the west and heavy rains in the east to bone dry weather in the west, on pavement smooth as silk to bone jarring cobblestone chunks of concrete, the Garmin Nuvi T GPS performed, and continues to perform, flawlessly. A testament to the quality of the construction of this piece of ‘consumer’ electronics.

I did have to reseat the suction cup mount one time in the 7, mile trip and that was after going from a very hot desert environment to a very cool mountain environment. The GPS did not fall off the windshield it just took very little pressure to remove it. The audio volume from the speaker of the Nuvi T was not strong enough to hear with my helmet on let alone when traveling at speed.

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V1 radar detector works great on motorcycles, especially when paired with our Remote Audio Adapter. This Adapter is a little black box that allows you to separate the warning sound from V1 itself, and move that sound wherever you want it. Except for the standard headphone jacks, all electrical connections are made with our usual RJ11 phone jacks, so they never unplug themselves.

Bluetooth connectivity has been a feature of the On The Road Garmin units and BMW Navigators for quite some time. The NAV5 uses Bluetooth to connect to your cellphone and your Bluetooth Headset or your Bikes Audio services. The recommended Pairing Order is to pair your phone first and then your Headset. The Bluetooth communications has worked reliably for me.

You can move, change, add and delete Stops and Shaping Points Which brings us to those special routes that have to traverse areas of the map that don’t have marked roads. Garmin now calls these routes Mixed-Travel in BaseCamp since part s of the route follows routable roads on the map and part s of the route travels overland see the screenshot in the Tracks section. In BaseCamp these are easy to construct if you have a Track of the overland section s. The reason for placing the Via Points at the start and finish of the overland segment is so you can adjust the number of Shaping Points track points you inserted: If you set Recalculation to Off and you deviate from the route path, the NAV5 will not recalculate your route and mess it up; it just lets you go where you want to.

If you do forget and it does recalculate, simply stop the Active Route and change the Recalculation setting and restart the Trip from the Trip Planner. One final Trip navigation feature to note. While you are navigating a route, if you need to adjust your Avoidance settings you can do so while the route is active. Just change your Avoidances and the NAV5 will automatically recalculate the route almost before you can return to the Map. I found this very handy when I ran into an area where I knew the road was paved but the map didn’t.

I just reset my Avoidances and the routing quite telling me to make a U-turn. Some will like this feature while others will have no use for it. The Player only plays MP3 audio files and they need to be placed in a folder that you can name anything you wish:

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You bought and mounted a GPS to help guide you on your trips. Or, you use the GPS on your cell phone to help you find your way. However, in order to follow the GPS, you have to continually take your eyes off the road to look at the tiny screen, trying to guess when it wants you to take that next turn or exit!

This ad sucks. Garmin should set their GPS to fresh ad agency, and Fast! A PIXAR movie can be an event. Series Hookup Off Grid Battery Monitors Used Auto Battery Arlington Tx Battery Tester 6v 8v 12v Trickle Charging A Dead Motorcycle Battery. 12v Battery Series Hookup Car Ticks Only When Braking Car Battery Price List Best Price Car.

They’ll all work just fine and the choice of which to use comes down to time, inclination and the desire or lack thereof to build a wiring harness and engineer a mount. We mounted our Trackside Adapter on the frame of our 8″ HID race light where it’s out of the way and wired the spades on the other end of the harness to the hot side of our light switch and a frame ground. This entire installation took a grand total of 30 minutes, 10 of which was spent looking for a small screw we dropped that rolled underneath the bike lift.

The harness supplied with the Trackside unit is intended to serve this purpose but at around 20 inches in length it’s far too short for most dirt bikes. Many installations will require lengthening the leads. Corrosion is actually a bigger problem than an electrical short if the power adapter gets soaked. The Trackside unit has a really beefy weatherproof cover that absolutely keeps moisture out. We like the Trackside unit quite a bit. We’re not so sure that the plastic handlebar mount will last forever and would like a longer wiring harness but other than that its terrific.

Keeps your GPS back lit as long as you want.

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I put these ride maps on the web page because I know a few of you love looking at the ride detail and dreaming about the ride. At first glance these maps do not look so impressive, but they are way cool. If you start zooming in, you can see the ride in incredible detail. I have spent a ton of hours sorting through the details of the ride for each day, so for those of you that enjoy this sort of thing, well enjoy!

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This is just my opinion. I’ve used the FM broadcast function in the past. For me, there are two problems: Personally, it isn’t worth the bother. Say, you listen to your radio, have your cell and GPS paired with the car radio. The phone rings, the radio stops and pick up the call. Now about GPS, you listen to the radio, a new direction statement is given, but I want it to go through the car radio instead of the tiny speaker of the GPS. I looked at the Garmin Nuvi , but it doesn’t look like it’s doing it.

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