Connor Franta & Lohanthony Call out ‘Homophobic’ Kian Lawley & JC Caylen, Taylor Caniff Defends

She is a YouTube fellow of him. Both of these two were spotted to celebrate the birthday of Jc. One of the craziest fans captured them while holding the hands of each other. Recently it is rumored that he is in a secret relationship with an unknown girl named Elysa. Yet it is not confirmed news. Moreover, it is not officially announced that Lia Marie and Jc broke their relationship or will continue this relationship further. Is he Single Now?

JC Caylen & Lia Marie Johnson Reignite Romance Rumors at Disneyland

LiaMarieJohnson jccaylen are you two still dating? Lia Marie Johnson and Jc Caylen photos, news and gossip. Find out more about. Are Lia And Jc Dating

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I um wanted to know if you um would like to maybe do a video with me..? I was thinking today..? I’ll be over in 5 minutes! Jc invited me over to his house to make a video with him! Of course I said yes he’s like my best friend! I got dressed brushed my teeth and grabbed my car keys and phone then drove to the o2l house. I was nervous but I don’t know why..? Jenn agreed doing a video with me! I was nervous talking to her on the phone because well I like her!

Yeah I know that I’m 3 years older but she’s just too beautiful and age is just a number.

Is Jc Caylen Dating Lia Marie Johnson?

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She is only 20 years old but already has become a star. Jenn McAllister is a Youtuber, actress as well as author. She came into the scenes with her youtube channel which has more than 2. And what has happened with her best friend, Andrea Russet? When Kian and Russet eventually split, there were rumors flowing everywhere that the year-old youtube star, Jenn had stolen her BFF’s man and the relationships turned sour between those best friends. I mean, yes, we dated. But I do not understand why somebody would comment that over and over.

I think it is really immature. And people break up.

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Report Story I walk up to the front of the building and see Connor. I smile and when he spots me, he smiles wide. I run up to him and give him a big hug.

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Jc Caylen Bio

Will carved pumpkins in a skeletal outfit! He also got injured. Twan Kuyper Twan dressed up with his boys as a trio. And a sexy nun.

JC Caylen. 7, likes · 1 talking about this. JC CAYLEN →OFFICIAL JC CAYLEN PAGE VERIFIED Jenn McAllister. Public Figure. Jc Caylen & Kian Lawley Fans. Public Figure. LED Purge MAsk. Shopping & Retail. Steven Grayhm. Artist. Connor Franta. Public Figure. Anna Christine Hunt.

LenaMaynard When Zoe moves to America, because of an unfortunate accident, she moves in with her cousin, Connor. She meets Jc Caylen and eventually they become good friends, but she wants more than that He was only wearing his boxers, I wasn’t surprised by this. About the Jc thing, I mean. Jc came in while I was eating, it was an awkward silence, Jc got some Arizona tea, he was about to leave but he turned towards me.

We all went out to a big shopping center and they took me into a swimming costume place. Then I saw this blue and white bikini that looked like it would suit me, it wasn’t too flashy or revealing so it suited me perfectly, I picked it out and showed Connor. I got changed into it and looked into the mirror, I didn’t notice my breasts much before but they were quite dominant while I was wearing the bikini, I came out of the changing room and called over Kian, Ricky and Connor.

Connor Franta & Lohanthony Call out ‘Homophobic’ Kian Lawley & JC Caylen, Taylor Caniff Defends

He is currently making videos on the KianandJc channel with Kian Lawley. YouTube Edit He started Youtube in September and gained recognition from O2L, but due to the group wanting to focus more on their personal Youtube channels and the feeling of their lack of quality in their videos, they decided to end the group.

Jc and his best friend, Kian Lawley, took this opportunity to start their own channel: They posted their first video on 19th January , approximately 6 months since O2L split.

Instantly find any H8TERS full episode available from all 1 seasons with videos, reviews, news and more! Jc Caylen, Kian Lawley. Watch All of. Start your free trial now At Tuberpalooza, Frank and Zweeb get blown off by Kian and Jc (or so they think). To add insult to injury, Jc is now dating Zweeb’s mega-crush, the beautiful Bethany.

The cast interviews YouTuber Karina Garcia, who gained popularity by making videos about slime. September 4, Brandon Rogers The cast interviews a group of fans who showed up. They then interview YouTuber Brandon Rogers, who impersonates many comedic characters in his videos. Shane celebrates his birthday and receives many gifts, including the appearance of a miniature pony and male strippers.

Bobby is present during the entire episode. September 25, Awkward Sexual Moments and Snake Wrangler Brian Barczyk The cast talks about awkward sexual moments in their lives, interviews YouTuber Brian Barczyk and gets to interact with some exotic animals. They then talk with YouTuber Joey Graceffa and his boyfriend Daniel Preda this is their second appearance in the show. Gemma is already present at the beginning of the episode. Claire is already present at the beginning of the episode.

He is already present at the beginning of the episode. October 23, Cytherea The Squirting Porn Star The cast interviews pornographic actress and model Cytherea, who became known for her ability to ejaculate during sex.

We’re Going On A Date